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     Eriador is the domain of the Rangers, encompassing the great region of Middle-earth from the Ered Luin in the west to the Misty Mountains in the east, from the Great Sea in the north to Dunland in the south. This includes the entire kingdom of Arnor and its ruined cities of Fornost Erain, Annúminas, and Tharbad, as well as the old adversarial kingdom of Angmar. Much of this area is largely uninhabited and uninteresting, but there are a few sites that an Arnorian should know a thing or two about.

  • Amon Sul: a prominent peak in the Weather Hills near the Great East Road, about halfway between Bree and the Mitheithel. Home to the ruined tower of Weathertop.
  • Angmar: now deserted save in the Orc-tunnels of the Mountains of Angmar, the old kingdom exists only as ruins of memory. The capital of Carn Dum in the north receives only the rarest of visitors.
  • Annúminas: located on the shores of Lake Evendim, the first capital of Arnor. Abandoned many years ago as the population of the Dúnedain in Eriador fell, although the modern-day Arnorians use the area as the home to various items of physical and spiritual importance.
  • Bree: the home of various lesser Men and Hobbits. Once a part of Arnor and Arthedain, the township continues to thrive and prosper on the crossroads of the Great East Road and the Greenway. The Prancing Pony in west-central Bree is a popular watering hole for travellers of all sorts, including Rangers.
  • Eregion: the lost Elf-kingdom of Celebrimbor, nestled against the Misty Mountains in eastern Cardolan. Near Khazad-dum and just north of the river Glanduin, Eregion is now a deserted land but is regardless as oft-travelled a place as any in Eriador.
  • Fornost Erain: the last city of the kingdoms of Arthedain and Arnor, located in the North Down and destroyed by the Witch-king of Angmar in the fall of the kingdom. Now largely ruined and uninteresting save to the historically interested.
  • Imladris: the valley and stately house of Elrond, the senior Elf in Eriador. Home of the tasteful Arnorian Quarters and various pointy-ears nobody is really concerned about.
  • The Shire: the home of most of the Hobbits of Middle-earth, in a scattered number of small towns. Little-frequented by Rangers and they don't stay long while they are there, but it is part of their protective mandate regardless.
  • Yfelwyd (the Trollshaws): a dark, mysterious forest filled with both the vile (Trolls, bandits, and Orcs) and the mundane (various shepharders and farmers). A considerable obstacle to travel between the Bruinen and the Mitheithel along the Great East Road, and bane to Rangers everywhere. See the +DNEWS file.