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     This is the unofficial website for the Arnorian culture on Elendor MUSH, the premiere J.R.R. Tolkien online game on the Internet. The Arnorians are an application-only culture dedicated to travelling the wilds of Eriador, bringing high-quality roleplaying to elf, dwarf, man, and hobbit alike.

     The Arnorians are the last, hidden remnants of the Dúnedain of Arnor, the lost North-kingdom and sister to Gondor that was divided by internal strife and defeated in a war against the evil kingdom of Angmar. While the few remaining Dúnedain fulfil many roles in society, by far the most visible and famous arm of the last Arnorians are the famous Rangers, of which Aragorn, future King of Arnor and Gondor, was chief. The Rangers are the noblest of the Men of Middle-earth, carrying the blood of the great island kingdom of Númenor, forgotten by the world and regarded as a mysterious nuisance by the ignorant lesser Men they have sworn to protect.

     This website serves as a clearinghouse for all those who would like to learn about the Arnorians, be it by reading our culture news files, reading roleplaying logs involving many famous Rangers throughout history, learning about the history and geography of Eriador, finding out about some of the Rangers who keep watch over the simple folk, or for those players playing their first Ranger to find out a few things they may not have known. We hope you enjoy your stay in this little slice of Arnor.