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     The Arnorians on Elendor are, by intention, a group of élite roleplayers, and joining our ranks is not easy. After all, J.R.R. Tolkien's Rangers of the North were few in number but potent in their impact, and Elendor's Rangers should be no different. A Ranger gets to roam Eriador RPing with all and sundry and setting an example for the entire MUSH, and more tangibly they get excellent combat statistics of the sort usually allotted to feature characters. But don't be intimidated! Arnor does accept applications from anyone who's been roleplaying actively on Elendor for three months, and the worst that can happen to your application is to be told no!

       If you want to join the Arnor team, drop a +mail to Arnoradmins and express interest in applying. You'll either be told the faction is not currently accepting new members (it does happen; we can only get so big) or be sent an application-cum-quiz that will test you knowledge of Elendor and of theme as it applies to the Arnorians. If you know most of your stuff and have a copy of some of the further reading close to hand, you'll do fine.

       Even before you're accepted to Arnor, it's a good idea to start thinking about your character, his history and description, and the other mundanities. A couple of tips for the first time Arnorite:

  • Rangers are of more or less pure Dúnedain blood, or as close as anybody in Middle-earth gets these days, and has been breeding from within a relatively small population for the last 1,200 years. Therefore, Rangers will tend towards dark hair and grey eyes. They also tend to be of greater height than an average Man, and the very nature of their work will require them to be in good physical condition.
  • Flip through the +DNEWS files, in particular THEME, HISTORIES, and, if applicable, WOMEN. They contain valuable information that could help you a great deal.
  • When thinking about what weapons you want your character to wield, bear in mind that a +trainer may not always be available for some of the obscure-but-thematic choices such as the spear. Ask a Local Admin if you have any questions along this line.
  • Don't get too excited about your buff combat stats if you are accepted. Remember, a lot of our fighting is done with the Trolls of the Yfelwyd, and they're tougher than we are.

     And finally, if you do get accepted into Arnor, congratulations! You're joining a group of superb and storied roleplayers with a long and proud history of being among the best the MUSH has to offer. The hard work is by and by large over, and now you get to have some fun.