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     These are role-playing logs which capture the many interactions of Arnorians as they wander around Middle-earth. Each log provides a little educational snippet about what life as a Ranger is like. And, of course, RP logs are just awesome.

       For older logs, before about January 1, 2006, please refer to the Arnorian section of the old logs page.

A Lobotomy
August 16, 2006
While doing Rangerly things, Henleg espies a troll exceptionally well-equipped to get a-head.
Curious Advice
October 1, 2006
Hanging out in Bree, Lominhur get some advice from a well-known kind, gentle, and polite native of the village.
Soap and Stories
October 2, 2006
Lominhur and Annaiel torment a poor, innocent young Breeling with horrible tales of the Wild.
To Checkmate the Queen
November 22, 2006
The Rangers Nauthcel, Talbinor, Galrohad, Annaiel, and Lominhur engage Lucy and her fell companions in the Chetwood, bitterly trying once more to dethrone the Queen of the Trollshaws.
Song in the Morning
January 15, 2007
With Nauthcel and Talbinor looking on, the Elves (and one Dwarf) of the Bardic Congress have their try at a singing competition.
Dressed for Success
January 17, 2007
Trolls, foxes, and talking trout, oh my! In the principle of "if you can't beat them, join them," Halbarad and Talbinor dress as a troll for the Bardic Congress's costume ball.
Riddles in the Hall
January 18, 2007
The Bardic Congress continues with the traditional contest of the Riddle-game, with one Ranger in competition.
Wild Bowmen
January 19, 2007
The Captain of the Dúnedain struts his stuff (while Talbinor and Lominhur make everyone look good) in the tightly-contested, vegetarian-crafting archery competition at the Bardic Congress.
A Journey Begins
February 12, 2007
Before commencing a long journey eastward, Nauthcel seeks the counsel of his chieftain, Aragorn, in the ruins of Eregion.
The Eagle is Here
February 18, 2007
Nauthcel, journeying east over the Misty Mountains, encounters a flying feathery friend amongst the mallorns of Lothlorien.
A Lesson Beneath the Mallorn
February 18, 2007
Still in scenic Lothlorien, Nauthcel receives some fencing instruction from a most qualified Elvish tutor.
An Eager Weaver
February 20, 2007
Nauthcel has a small chat with a relatively young weaver of Lothlorien.
A Fireside Chat
February 25, 2007
Daerandir, Lominhur, Palanonnen, and Talbinor swap stories of current events in and around Bree with the help of some liquid refreshment.
Strange Meetings
March 2, 2007
Talbinor comes across a band of voyaging Haradrim far out of their usual haunt near Lond Daer. They are not happy to see him.
A Captive Audience
March 3, 2007
Eithaforn and Talbinor try to sneak up on Haradrim invaders and prise out some information.
The Pleasantries of Interrogation
March 6, 2007
Eithaforn and Talbinor try to get the quartermaster of the encroaching Haradrim party to... er, discuss current events.
Returning a Quartermaster
March 11, 2007
Talbinor unleashes the Rangers' former "honoured guest" on his comrades as they prepare to depart.
Oatbaron Storytelling
March 26, 2007
Halbarad and his Imladhrim companion journey to the land of usually friendly and sometimes surly and hostile hobbits for a drink, a smoke, and a chat.
Gentle Pummellings
June 9, 2007
Halbarad charges into a lost battle against Lucy, the Queen of the Trollshaws, near the River Bruinen.