In Bree, the administration is done by a group of Local Admins, otherwise known as BAD (Bree ADmins).

Local Admins

Local Admins are the people who do the decision-making in Bree. They discuss policy changes, +culture newbies, +title players, +combat-approve players, and all in all just keep the culture running smoothly. Overseeing this group of Local Admins is the +ruler, who has the final say in all that goes on.

Current LAs in Bree:

Ferny (+ruler) (#14469)
Harry (#16122)
Megan (#30305)

Type +locals while in Elendor to show a list of all the LAs, showing who is online.


Greeters are in charge of helping players.They recruit for the culture, answer questions, teach about Bree's theme, help people get their new characters set up, and overall are some of the friendliest, coolest, and most helpful people in Bree.

Currently, the Greeters of Bree are:

Daniel, Pierce, Sasto, Sweetpea

Type +greeters while in Elendor to show a list of all the Greeters, also showing all the greeters currently online.

Also, type +breehelpers to show a full list of LAs, +greeters and other Player Helpers.