Welcome to the new web site for Bree, an Elendor MUSH culture. The town of Bree holds an important place in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, for it was here that the hobbits Frodo, Samwise, Merry and Pippin first met Strider, while on their way to Rivendell.

Sitting at an ancient crossroads, Bree holds the distinction of being the only place where you can find both hobbits and men living side by side. Due to its location, Bree attracts Dwarves, Rangers, Elves and the occassional Wizard, as a resting spot on their journeys across Middle-Earth. This unique interaction among races lends itself to great role-play possibilities. Come visit Bree today and see what it has to offer!


27/12/06: Re-formatting a lot of the entire site. Ie: Have re-worked the entire main page so it's so much neater, and so much easier to update. Hurah! Updated admins the other day.. Will probably have to go through all the help files again, fix broken links, etc, etc, etc. Maybe there'll be logs up, or player profiles (updated ones) or something when I have a spare moment. Hmm. Anyway, enjoy.

10/11/05: Look at how good I'm being! Another update, in under a week! -throws confetti!- Today after slogging through them, and pasting and saving over them numous times (and therefore, losing all I'd done) the new, updated helpfiles are up. You'll no longer be reading things from 2 years ago! Hopefully it's all there. I'm trying to figure out a better way to get the info up without it being a huge page of reading, but it's not come to me yet. Hmmm. And... that's all. Except I added some photos of me (Ms. Scarlet) too. Woo!

06/11/05: haha, what do you mean 'slack-at-updating-the-website'?! Updated admins, updated Players (which you should all give me permission to put you up on here for)... maybe will update the helpfiles, if I get around to it. That was a biiiiiig job the first time, and have a feeling it will be pretty large the 2nd time around. Any suggestions for stuff you want to see? Let us know! (+mail bad-bb!)

06/02/05:Updated admins page

03/01/05:Updated admins page

28/11/04:Added Breefolk pictures page, formerly on Wilbert's site.

09/10/04:Added Toby's 'How to RP' guide - go and check it out!
Updated admins page with current greeters

18/08/04:Updated admins page, added log tips page, fixed minor typos/layout probs elsewhere

19/07/04:Hugh has now taken over maintenance of the web site. Created new logs page linked to main Elendor database; updated admin list. Still awaiting your log submissions - please send 'em in!

24/01/04:Added some more logs (still awaiting submissions from people other than Hugh and I) and updated the Players page again and updated some help files...Submit!

06/01/04: Keep checking this box for future updates and things added. Obviously I need a lot of submissions (be it logs or character profiles or general suggestions, or glitches found in the site-I'm expecting a few of them to pop up) for stuff, so feel free to contact me, and I'll do it ASAP. For now, welcome to the new-look updates Bree Website... And, enjoy your stay.. and.. have a nice day. ;)