So! You're new! Firstly, welcome! :) If you need some help or general info files, check out the stuff below, or visit here for information on Mushing and./or Elendor. Plus, always feel free to page any LAs for further help of problem solving if you don't find what you need, or want something explained in more detail- we're happy to help!

Bree/General Newbie Stuff

A newbie is someone that either has little experience with any role-playing MUSH, or someone new to Bree on Elendor MUSH. This info will try to help both types of newbies.
Elendor MUSH is divided into geographical regions, each with their own local administrators. Each of these regions is called a +culture. Yes, that's an awkward name--it comes from the command the local administrators use to adopt your character into their region.

If you connect to Elendor, you can connect as a Guest player to have a look around, or go straight into creating your character, then if you get stuck and need some help, try typing <=Hello! I need some help> (without the <>'s) and there'll be plenty of people who will be happy to help you out!

If you are interested in joining the Breefolk +culture or have recently joined the Breefolk +culture, you are in the right place!. Elsewhere on these Bree Pages you should find everything you need to make an informed decision about if Bree is the right +culture for you. This page is help you get started within Breefolk +culture.

Here is a list of the steps you will need to take to become a full-fledged player in Bree:

1. Your character must be +cultured. This makes them an official member of the culture, adjusts some settings on the character, and gives them access to that culture's special commands (like +breeinfo and +breewhere). To be cultured type +locals to get a list of the local administrators, then use the page command to attract their attention (for example, p Megan=Hello! Newbie. Am interested in Bree!). The administrator will talk to you to make sure you are making an informed decision to join Bree, then do the +culture setup to your character.
2. Next, read the setup help file (try +breeinfo . These files will also be avaliable on the website, if you click on Helpfiles.) This will guide you through the steps that get your character ready to role-play in Bree, including naming, surnaming, writing a description and a history, etc. Info on +breeinfo or on the webpages (sometimes expanded further for die-hard readers of +breeinfo) will help you to make informed decisions on surnames, jobs, descs and everything you need to function and get around easily in Bree!
3. When you are done with setup, page a local administrator again. They will look at what you did, double-checking that it fits within what already exists in Bree,. (For example, if Bree already has a mayor, so if your background said you were the mayor you would be asked to change that.) and making sure it's all thematic (for example, if you say in your desc that your char has 50 ear piercings, you will probably be asked to changed that, or if you say that your mother was an Easterling, you'll probably be asked to change that, too...)
4. Now you're ready to start role-playing!
5. Finally, if you are interested in becoming involved in combat, you must wait until two weeks have passed since you joined Bree. After that time, you can take the combat test and ready yourself for combat in Bree. This will allow the game's programming to assist your role-play combat. It does not mean you must participate in combat.