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The FINEST culture includes the Northern Eagles, the Onodrim (Fangorn), and the Yfelwydan (Trolls, Orcs and Humans). 
Membership in the FINEST cultures is restricted, which means you must apply to become a member.

For more information on each of branch of FINEST, please click on the buttons shown above.
Interested parties may ask for an application after three months of activity on Elendor; we ask that anyone who has not met this requirement please try a character in one of the non-restricted cultures to get a feel for the theme and the game.
To those who are eligible: please +mail FADM (that's the bulletin board for the Finest LAs) asking for the application you desire (Ent, Eagle, Yfelwydan troll, Yfelwydan orc, or Yfelwydan human) and one will be sent to you; the instructions on how to fill it out and return it are in the app itself.

Ruler and Local Admin
Gwaihir (Lew)

Ghashlagz (lagz)          Gwamthor (wam)     
Ollie (oll)                   Raugsaul (sau)