Imladris Poetry: Subject Index

In the beginning, the One proclaimed a great Theme, in which the Elves were prefigured. And the great task which faced Eru's servants, the Valar, was the creation of light, for the original Lights of Arda had been destroyed: and so Elbereth created the stars. 

The elves did not see Elbereth cast the stars in the sky, but they thought of it often, for it was under their light that they awoke. 

What was it like, to awaken in the darkness under stars in Cuivienen

And then, to make the choice, to remain in Cuivienen, or to venture into the unknown West? 

And those who passed West came to know the Valar, among whom was Lorien, the Dreamweaver, whose gardens surpassed all in beauty. 

But then the Noldor passed into Middle Earth again, and met men: and their points of view varied greatly, on death, and love, on the passage of time, and many other things. And the elves thought long on the brave deeds of men, and the tragedy of their long war against Morgoth, and such strange tales as that of the children of Hurin. And for the elves of Imladris, their evenstar was Arwen, who was fated to be sundered from her kin, and from her mother Celebrian. And even as their days lengthened, they still had to deal with war and preparations for war. 

And they told tales, long tales. One of their bards sang epic verses set in the East of Middle Earth: 

Or even tales of other folk and kin:

The Song of Clip the Hobbit
The Courtship of Comfrey Boffin

And they loved allegories, too, and lived for song. 

And like other folks, they celebrated the turning of the seasons, the joy of returning home after wandering afar, the gaiety of jests, the darker emotions of despair and grief, and the emotions of love. 

Like men, they could sing of the sadness of love brokenlost, or renounced, the frenzy of the lover who hopes for what he does not have, or who suffers from unrequited longing.

Like men, they enjoyed parties and time spent with one another; they wooed those they loved, hoped against hope to win their heart, seeking to get them to declare what lay in their heart. 

And like men, they knew they joys of love fulfilled, the comfort of holding one's beloved near, and celebrated vows of eternal love, or wished blessing and joy to those who pledged themselves to one another forever, even past death

The Eldar may have passed into the West, legends like Iarwain ben-Adar, returning to elven Tirion, but they remain a shining vision for us who follow after.