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Choices ... The Song of Marwen and Fithurin

Fithurin: Come with me, love! There is light in the West
Where Two Trees illumine the land they have blessed!
Come with me, love! The Valar will share
Their beauty and wisdom, so let us go there!

Marwen: I see the stars a bright woven web,
The fountains flowing, the tangled trees.
Such beauty beholding, why must I wander?
Why must I grieve?
-- This land I love --
-- so why must I leave? --

Fithurin: Come with me, love! The Western sky
Is brighter far than stars on high!
The grass is green, the flowers fair
In lands the Valar comfort and care!

Marwen: But their light is locked in a little land:
Their wisdom withdrawn and their homeland hidden
Beyond the bounds of the world we know.
Why have these Valar no comfort and care
-- for the land I love --
-- that I must go there? --

Fithurin: Trust me, my love, and let us depart
Together is home and comfort of heart!
The Hunter's horse will lead us together
Past plains and mountain, forest and heather!

Marwen: Yes, shadows are swift! And terrors have tracked us
Lurking and laughing with evil eyes.
We wavered not, nor hid in holes
Nor faltered in fear nor let liars lure us!
So why should I heed
-- that terrible rider --
-- On his terrible steed? --

Fithurin: I beg you my bride: my family, my friends
Pack, prepare like buzzing bees.
Guilin gathers, Rumil wraps,
They laugh, they sing:
-- I stand, a bird --
-- with broken wing. --

Marwen: Stay here my love! There is life in the East -
Children, laughter, song and feast.
Stay with me, love! I could not bear
To live here alone, if you were not there!

Fithurin: When dreams have died past loss to live
Is hard, for hunger hews the heart.
When love's a lock and beauty binds,
The heart's a trammeled thing:
-- a captive that sorrows --
-- and seldom can sing. --

Marwen: Never, my love! I cannot savor
A captive's love, or grudging favor.
Go if you must, then I must go too,
Torn from this land because I love you.

Fithurin: My bride, beware - I know your nature:
You seek out safety, haven, and home.
To wander wild is care not comfort,
In lands foreign and strange:
-- where your heart must delight --
-- in disturbance and change. --

Marwen: My love, I release the nets of my heart:
Our home is together, do not stand apart!
I can learn to live in alien lands
And hold my safety in open hands.

Fithurin: Forget such words, let us sing together!
Of beauty in star, and tree, and heather!
If you love this land, this land's my heart,
More precious than gems cut by cunning art!

Together: I'll stay, my darling, and never roam;
Love's my adventure, your eyes my home.
There's wonder enough in your sidelong glance
To shatter the world and make mountains dance.

Copyright 1996 Paul Deane
All Rights Reserved.

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