The Song of Shadows 1. A Rescue 2. The Rescuer 3. A Grief Revealed Book II: The Hollow Hills
Book III: In Gonnmar's Gardens Book IV: The Burden of Love and Memory Book V: Nèhaléni's Tale Book VI: Moment of Truth Book VII: A Mother's and a Daughter's Song

The Redemption of Daeron

Book I: By Dark Waters

1. A Rescue

Dark waters washed on a beach as bare,
Empty, abandoned as desert sand.
Or almost empty: a boat was there
And two men mused aloud at length
Over murmuring waves
-- where they should sell --
-- their Elven slaves. --

Eyes wide, aware, hands bound behind,
Two captives crouched in helpless hate.
Their forms were too fine, like dancers' dreams,
Their beauty too breathtaking, perfect and pure
To leave much debate
- what their captors intended -
- as their ultimate fate. -

Wide eyes widened, stiffened, were still:
Past flickering flames stared out into space.
The men raised mugs but with sudden splash
They tense and start.
- One crumples, with hand -
- clenched to heart. -

The arrow's arc from the buzzing bow
Is swift and certain, sharp and sure.
One crouched for cover, feebly fell,
Transfixed with terror gasped for breath.
An elf approached
- with sword for argument -
- and final reproach. -

Copyright © 1995-1997Paul Deane
All Rights Reserved.

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