The Daernoss (Great Houses) of Lothlórien

Although the Galadhrim consider themselves all kinsmen, they are still divided internally into houses, which have individual House Heads (Indyr) and personal gathering spaces within Lórien. These houses are basically extended families of elves — siblings, parents, cousins, and others — for whom Galadhrim reserve a special devotion. Every elf in Lórien is a member of one such family or another, either by blood, marriage, or fealty. For RP purposes, we ask every player to choose one of the Great Houses, though in theory there are many other, less-influential families living in Lórien as well.

When as a new Galadhrim player you "join a house", this is a purely OOC act that's similar to deciding on your character's history and appearance: ICly, your character has been a member of that house since birth (or marriage)! When elves give birth, the child belongs to the house of his or her parents. Usually, the father and mother are from the same house by birth. If not, the female elf usually joins the house of her husband when they marry, but there are cases in which the husband joins the house of his wife.

Each Great House has a representative on the Council who assists and advises the Lord and Lady in the ruling of the realm. Although these families are equally loyal to Lorien and its Lord and Lady, they have different traditions and worldviews, and different philosophies as to what is truly best for the Wood.

To join any house, you must have first an approved name and description. Then, contact any LA.

The following are the six Great Houses:


The Turmath, Lórien's Ruling Council

"Celeborn and Galadriel returned to Lórien, and were welcomed by the people. There they dwelt while the Third Age lasted, but they took no title of King and Queen; for they said they were only guardians of this small but fair realm, the last eastward outpost of the Elves." [Unfinished Tales]

As Lórien has no King who rules undisputed, the Lord and Lady rule with the assistance of a Council, or Turmath, made up of the four Great Families of Lorien who each have a seat and vote.

Meeting when necessary, all votes of the Council are by simple majority. They have the power as a Council to make laws and rules, conduct business with other nations, and discipline Galadhrim (though their rulings are subject to review by the Lord and Lady). Should the Lord and Lady 'veto' an action of the Council, the Turmath may override this veto by a unanimous decision. Although the Lord and Lady have the right to sit in on the Council, and in fact chair it, they do not vote.