The job you choose for your character will help to determine what it is you will RP doing when you connect here day in and day out. Of course, you can roleplay about anything and participate in all sorts of plots, but a job will give you something solid to focus on. So it is very important you choose something you enjoy! Since different players will enjoy different things, we have quite a few guilds that our players can join:

Bards (Glirdain)
Healers (Cuigrithweg)
Crafters (Gwaith-i-Thein)
Royal Court (Arnpand)
Guard (Maethyr)

If you have any questions not covered by these help files, approach the Guild Head (see ++ELF CENSUS (guild name) for a list of members), or a Local Admin. Have an idea for a job not listed in the above files? Great! Talk to a Local Admin about it.

Should you be actively involved in a guild, but then fall inactive, your title will be changed to an inactive one. See +EHELP INACTIVE TITLES for more information.

Multiple Jobs?

While it may be that you find more than one job you'd like to participate in, the Lórien LAs recommend that you start out with just one: that way, you can give yourself some time to become established in your job and in Lórien in general before you branch out. Generally, we advise to wait until you've been promoted in your original job before seeking another, though there is no hard-and-fast rule and those players who desire a second job are welcome to seek one when they feel that they're ready. Participation in guard activities (i.e., without an Order title) is open to all elves whom it is IC reasonable, and this does not count as a job.

Jobless Elves (Citizens)

While many players find that having a job helps to create RP opportunities, it's perfectly all right to not join a guild right away — or at all. As Galadhrim do not work for (or even use) money, there is no real disadvantage to not holding a specific role. The only catch is that, unless you have an approved history that supports your particular skill in something, you should defer to those recognized specialists in their fields who do hold titles: for example, while a Citizen is more than welcome to carve a flute, their work should not rival that of a Master Instrument Crafter.