Introduction to Lórien: Welcome!

Before you begin roleplay in Lórien, you need to be a member of the culture (+JOIN GALADHRIM if you would like to join and have not already) and to have both a good elven name and an approved desc. Once you have those, you're free to start RPing! We suggest you also choose a house (family) and write your history as soon as possible, and while you may join a job at any time, it's good to at least have some idea as to what your character's interests are.

To set up your Galadhrim character, read these files in this suggested order:

+EHELP NAMES: Creating a Tolkien-thematic name
+EHELP DESCRIBE: Writing your elf's description ("desc")
+EHELP HISTORY: Writing your elf's history
+EHELP FAMILIES: All about Lórien's Great Houses
+EHELP JOBS: Bards, Crafters, Healers, Guards, Ivonwin, and the Royal Court

Below are some basic commands that will assist you in seeking and participating in RP scenes. HELP INTRO and HELP NEWBIE, global game help files, will also help. If you have any questions about commands, character setup, the culture, or anything else at all, contact any Lorien LA or greeter (+LOCALS) anytime.

If you are a returning player to the Lórien culture, there are specific protocol which you should follow. See +EHELP FORMER.

Communication and Roleplay

The following are examples illustrating how to use various communication commands. Note that some methods of communcation, like com channels, are always OOC: this means that when you use them, you are speaking as yourself, the human "actor" behind the character. To roleplay (RP)-- that is, to speak and act as your Galadhrim elf-- type +SET IC and use the IC commands listed in the next section when in a room with others who are set IC. For more about IC and OOC, see HELP IC-OOC and HELP +SET.

These modes of communication are always OOC (you as the player):

To talk on the <Lorien> com channel (Galadhrim players only):
=Hello Lorien!
Everyone on the <Lorien> com sees: <Lorien> Draubauglir says, "Hello Lorien!"

To page someone:
p telurien=Have you read The Silmarillion?
Telurien sees: Draubauglir pages: Have you read The Silmarillion?

To talk OOCly in a room:
+os Want to RP?
Everyone in the room sees: <OOC> Draubauglir says, "Want to RP?"

These commands are IC (you acting like your character) unless you are in an OOC room (such as the +LOOC):

To do a "say" pose in a room:
"Well met, Telurien.
Everyone in the room sees: Draubauglir says, "Well met, Telurien."

To do a pose in a room:
:walks slowly through the forest.
Everyone in the room sees: Draubauglir walks slowly through the forest.

To do an "emit" in a room:
@emit Moonlight shines upon the silver branches.
Everyone in the room sees: Moonlight shines upon the silver branches.