Although Elendor MUSH is a fantasy game, and the Lórien culture a part of it, it is still a cooperating group of real-life players. Consequently, there are out-of-character (OOC) rules and policies that Galadhrim players must adhere to and be familiar with.

Listed below are some basic agreements, as outlined in +EHELP RULES. These are common sense and should be familiar to players in any culture. Please ask a local admin (+LOCALS) if you have questions. Other culture-specific policies and OOC culture information files can be found at the links to the left.

  1. Follow the basic rules of social conduct. Don't be selfish, treat others as you wish to be treated, and be courteous towards your fellow players. If you cannot act in a mature and responsible manner, then you are not welcome in Lórien.
  2. Everyone is expected to be constructive. This means not only making a positive contribution to the culture in some way—whether by RPing, coding, building, planning, or helping new players—but also attempting to resolve any concerns or problems you may have with other players or situations in the culture. Voice your concerns constructively and openly instead of letting negative sentiments grow and fester. Send +mail to lola-bb or contact any LA if you need help with implementing an idea for the culture or seeking resolution to your problems.
  3. LAs are responsible for making sure you follow rules. If one of them asks you to do or not do something, then you should comply with their request. You may appeal to the +ruler about an LA's decision, but until the +ruler overrules the LA you must continue to follow the LA's instructions. Refusing to cooperate with LAs, refusing to play within the theme, trying to get something from an LA that another LA has refused, and lying to LAs will not be tolerated.
  4. On coms and bboards, avoid any type of language or subject matter that would be inappropriate in a conversation with an eight year old. This includes (but is not limited to) "adult" topics, sexual innuendo, and language stronger than that used in Tolkien's books. If someone asks you to stop talking about a subject, please do so, even if you do not find the subject offensive yourself.
  5. Read the corresponding policy files before attempting any of the following: IC romance (+EHELP POLICY ROMANCE), playing temporary characters (+EHELP POLICY TEMP-ALTS), traveling outside Lorien (+EHELP POLICY TRAVEL). You should also be familiar with the rest of +EHELP POLICY and the MUSHwide NEWS POLICY rules.