Resources and Links

Anything that pertains to Lórien or Elendor MUSH, but was not included in the +EHELP files, is included here.

Elendor MUSH The official Elendor MUSH website. The unofficial Elendor portal for cultures. Host of this site.
Elendor Wiki A wiki organized and maintained by Elendor players.
Elendor Logs A repository of logged scenes organized by Elendor players.
Elendor Logs (archive) An archive of older scenes.
The Mud Connector: Elendor An exhaustive compendium of MU*'s on the web. Vote for Elendor here and promote the game.

Lórien culture

As Arda Turns A blog containing archives of the LORIEN-NEWS bulletin board.
Lórien Bloopers Quotes from our own players, whom we love to humiliate. ♥
Maps (from +EHELP MAPS, slightly outdated): Lands  Caras Galadhon  Naith

General Tolkien resources

The Tolkien Society Information on J.R.R. Tolkien
TheOneRing.Net News source for movie and publishing news.
Official LOTR Movie Site Information on the New Line Cinema/Peter Jackson trilogy.
Encyclopedia of Arda An online encyclopedia of Middle-Earth.
Ardalambion An excellent resource on Tolkien's languages.
Dragon Flame A downloadable Sindarin dictionary.