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This information is designed to help new Rohirrim players to acquaint themselves with the culture and to provide with the basic start to setting up one's character.

Clan information

Selecting a clan is another decision you will need to make since all Rohirrim belong to a clan from birth based upon kinship. Clans fill much of the social, spiritual, ceremonial, and economic aspects of Rohan. Read the files on +rohelp clans and pick the one you feel suits you best. Talking to the Maegtheows (Clan Masters) will also help you make your decision. The four most important clans of Rohan are:

  • Eowain - the main clan of the East-mark
  • Ethias - the main clan of the West-mark
  • Niu - a trading clan, centered in Edoras *
  • Mearas - the royal family of Rohan *

* This clan is not open to new players or it isn't recruiting at the moment.

Keep in mind that the part of Rohan you live in and some of the possible jobs you can hold are related to your clans. When you decide, type:
&clan me=[clan name] and @set me/clan=VISUAL


Choosing what type of character you want to play and coming up with a background for him or her is one of the most important things to do as a beginner in Rohan. It is generally helpful to write your history as an attribute on your character by typing: &history me=[a few paragraphs about your character's background]

A few suggestions for what to include are: family background, where your character lives, important events in your past,why your character chose a paticular profession, basic personality characteristices, motivations for why your character acts the way he or shedoes, etc. A few things which are not allowed for new players or which you would need special approval for are:

  • Relatives from cultures other than Rohan or Gondor,
  • Extensive travelling outside Rohan (or Gondor),
  • Being related to members of the royal family,
  • Hair color which isn't the typical Rohirric blond,
  • Being an orphan because orcs or Dunlendings slaughtered your entire family,
  • Being able to read or write.

When you finish your history, type: @set me/history=VISUAL and +mail radmins with a request to look at the history (see +help +mail). The Las will then either approve it or offer suggestions to you. You can also +mail radmins with the history itself and not write an attribute if you prefer. If you want ideas or suggestions at any time please ask one of your fellow Rohirrim. We cannot write your history for you but can certainly point you in the right direction. A few helpful examples of typical Rohirrim backgrounds are presented in the Examples section.


Having an IC profession can greatly contribute to your RP and your character. Most rohirrim player characters have a job and many have two or more. Those choosing to be a Sperewigend (Rider) or Speremund (Guard) are strongly encouraged to take a non-military job as well, since very few Rohirrim serve the military full time. For suggestions for a job, look at +rohelp titles. Most titles on the list are available either to begin in or advance to through promotions. You may also have an idea for a position that's not listed. If so, talk to one of the LAs and if the job fits our culture we can add it in. The command clanlist [clan] can also tell you what major positions in each clan are needed.


After you have an idea what your character will be like, the next step is to begin roleplaying. Rohirrim frequently meet and rp in Edoras in places such as the Sleeping Stallion Inn (SSI), Entrance Square, The Old Horse Tavern, and the Healers. Other locations around Rohan are used as well, especially for tinyplots, but Edoras remains the center for most RP in Rohan. You can also use the channel to ask those on-line if and where any rp might be going on (though you do have to keep travel times in mind if they are not nearby). The Rohan board will list most TPs that are being planned so that you can try and be here for some of those as well. Your own ideas for TPs are also welcome, though you should ask the las to approve any which involve travel, more than a couple of people, or anything unusual for Rohan. The LAs can also help out in organizing TPs, especially if you have something in mind that involves another culture.

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